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A Mini Golf Course in the Garden

Do you feel depressed just by the sight of your empty yard, or maybe there is a vacant lot in your village that seems to need a purpose. Why not think of changing the scenery and bringing a totally different aura to that rather gloomy or creepy space; Why not give it a fresher look and put a smile on your face and that of others? Contrary to what many people think, home putting greens are not only for golf ...

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Copy a Figurine using a Rubber Mould

Mould-making is the most common way to translate a model design into another material, and lets you make multiple identical copies of the model. One type of mould used to copy figurines is the rubber mould, which is a flexible mould that does not ruin the original object. The best method for making a rubber mould of a figurine is the two-part process, which creates a mould that separates evenly down the mid ...

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Make a Rocket With Two Pop Bottles

You can make a toy rocket that will actually fly: Toy water rockets are fun and you can make them from a few household and hardware items. You do not need any special skills to make the toy water rocket, just two soda pop bottles and a few hardware parts. An adult should supervise children taking part in the project, since it involves using a portable drill. Your toy water rocket will fly at your command an ...

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Dye Fabrics Naturally

[caption id="attachment_911" align="alignnone" width="670"] Dye Fabric With Coffee[/caption] Dye Fabrics Naturally;  using natural materials in place of chemical based dyes. . Dyeing your clothes can be a fun way to design a whole new wardrobe. However, instead of spending money on chemical dyes to dye your clothing, try the green way: There are many different plants, berries, leaves, and barks, that will d ...

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Make Your Own Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a wonderful idea for year-round floral arrangements. You can dry flowers by hanging them, or by placing them in a box of desiccant, which better preserves the blossoms. You Will Need: Boxes Borax or Fine Sand Fresh-cut Flowers Gardening Gloves Pruning Shears Rubber Bands Silica Gel Packs String Box Method 1 Take a box and line it with silica gel, borax, or fine, dry sand, 2 Position the co ...

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