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Interview with Movie maker, Douglas Vermeeren by Yahoo freelancer Stan Romero

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with movie director/producer Douglas Vermeeren in regards to his upcoming movie Creepy Zombie. Douglas Vermeeren is the director and producer behind several hit documentaries in the personal development and inspiration genre. For more information about Douglas Vermeeren and his films go to: and for more information about Creepy Zom ...

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Top 20 Movies To Give As Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones could be tricky at times as you try to get the best thing out there while making sure that it brings the kind of happiness and joy you intend for them to have. Movies, being a great alternative in these situations, manage to deliver these very things and possibly even more. The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.           ...

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