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5 Things NOT to do on a Charter Yacht to Avoid Upsetting the Crew!

1. Wear shoes on board – on all the best crewed yacht charters vacations you should go barefoot at all times. This is so that stones caught in the soles of shoes do not cause damage to the decks and the floors below.
2. Don’t spray suntan oil on the yacht’s teak deck. Most luxury charter yachts have the golden rule that no spray oils or suntan oil can be used aboard. This is because it ends up everywhere! If you spray it on deck the wind will catch it and it will mist all over the deck.
3. Wear Speedo’s. This is not a written rule but the crew are very grateful if you refrain from wearing clingy Speedos!
4. Go below dripping wet. Firstly you are likely to leave a trail of water behind, so anyone following you could slip. Secondly most luxury yachts have carpets and expensive upholstery, so if you go below wet you are likely to cause damage to the interior of the yacht.
5. Lie down in the saloon whilst covered head to toe in suntan lotion. Most Luxury Charter Yachts provide you with a towel or a seat cover so that if you wish to lie on the saloon upholstery you can protect it from the suntan lotion that you are wearing. Suntan lotion tends to make fabrics turn orange, and so the crew can get quite upset if this happens.

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