A Basic Guide to Cleaning an Air Conditioning Unit

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A Basic Guide to Cleaning an Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning unit is not the kind of appliance where you buy it and then forget about it. Aircon units need regular maintenance and cleaning. When you clean an aircon, you are enhancing the air quality and the performance of the unit. In this article, we explain how to clean your air conditioner.

Check the Instructions

Before you lift the cover of your AC, be sure to read the AC’s instruction guidebook. There should be a chapter on how to clean the unit. In case you cannot find the manual, go to the manufacturer’s website, and get the instructions there. From the manual, you should find information explaining how to open sections of your unit for cleaning. Before you begin the cleaning process, establish that the machine is turned off at the electricity socket.

Begin with The Filters

Filters need regular cleaning because dust collects on them in a short time. This issue mostly affects indoor aircon. This build up of dirt usually leads to the filter clogging, making it more difficult for it to expel air.

Cleaning the filters of an air conditioner is not rocket science, and all you must do is open the plastic covering and take out the filter. Confirm the number of filters your unit has with the manual. It is advised to clean the filters at the beginning of every summer.

Additionally, as great as regular cleaning is. It would be best if you replace the filters every year. To remove dirt, you can use a brush or vacuum cleaner. You can also rinse the filters with soap and warm water.

The Louvres

The louvres are the swinging blades that are found directly after the filter. These, too, warrant a thorough cleaning to remove dirt that has passed through the filters. You can clean your AC’s louvres with a cloth or vacuum.

The Outdoor Unit
An outdoor unit needs as much care as the indoor one. The area surrounding the AC should be kept clean. Somebody should cut any grass to a reasonable length near it. Plants should also be kept at bay. Vacuum it at least once every month to eliminate any dirt that might be inside.

And the Condenser Coils?

Yes, the condenser coils need to be cleaned at regular intervals. But to access them, it is necessary to remove the casing, which can pose a challenge for most homeowners. It is best if this is left to specialists. After all, your AC should undergo expert maintenance yearly to prevent it from breaking down. During maintenance, your HVAC technician will clean your condenser coils.
If you do it by yourself, you might damage some parts, and this would likely void your guarantee. You could also accidentally interfere with the electrical systems, which can be dangerous.

Air Conditioner Servicing

Regularly cleaning your AC unit is not sufficient to increase the life of a unit. For this reason, you need to get your aircon unit serviced periodically. The technician will test for various things such as refrigerant levels and condenser coils and verify if the thermostat is working correctly.

Most manufacturers recommend that air conditioners are serviced annually. They also say that if the owners stick to the above cleaning practices, their units will continue in perfect working order for the longest time possible.

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