Are You a Musician on SoundCloud Looking to GROW your Fanbase?

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Are You a Musician on SoundCloud Looking to GROW your Fanbase?

Virtually all SoundCloud users want to get more traffic to their page, but they don’t know how to go about getting it. They start looking around online and end up buying a do-nothing service that simply inflates their stats. Sound familiar?

I understand why SoundCloud users buy these ‘fake’ promotion services – social proof and all – but fake likes and reposts won’t do anything to grow your following if you don’t have REAL people hitting your page as well. Plus, users are getting more aware of bot activity on SoundCloud – if a potential fan suspects you may be using bot promotion to pad your stats, it could hurt your credability.

In 2015 and beyond, it’s simply not worth the risk to use fake ‘bot’ promotion. Your money and efforts are better spent elsewhere.

SoundCloud Promotion Done Right!

SC SuperFans is a NEW SoundCloud promotion service different from the rest – they drive real, targeted traffic to ScSuperFansGFX
your SoundCloud page. No bots or spammy accounts here! By distributing your music to their network of websites, blogs and social media pages, as well as utilizing the power of CPV advertising, SC SuperFans directs thousands of potential fans to your new SoundCloud tracks. This means more REAL plays, likes, followers and reposts!

Thousands of SoundCloud have already taken advantage of SC SuperFans service with exceptional results! As of posting this article, SC SuperFans has over three hundred (300) positive reviews, ZERO (0) negative reviews and a 99% positive feedback rating on Fiverr. Simply put, this service works!

Inexpensive Packages For Independent Artists

SC SuperFans’ promotion services are easily affordable for any artist who is serious about their music. You can buy one-song packages through their website or through online-vendor Fiverr. They also have a ‘monthly subscription’ option which allows you to promote up to 15 songs per month – perfect for indie labels or musicians who are actively creating a lot of new music.

A FREE Offer From SC SuperFans!

SC SuperFans also has an offer where you can get 500 free SoundCloud plays. It is a limited time offer – definitely worth checking out!

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