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Top Tips for Winter Fishing

Ice Fishing or Open Water Angling in Cold Temperatures When winter brings plummeting temperatures, snow, and ice, some anglers retire to their fly desks. or catch up with what's new on their favourite tackle and bait site. Others bundle up and go fishing, like the owner of this website. Cold winds, ice, and snow keep some anglers indoors, dreaming of good times in days to come. Some fishermen, however, have ...

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Cruising the Caribbean Without the Crowds

The Caribbean is the world's most popular cruise destination, and ports can feel overwhelmed due to the many big ships. So here's a guide to avoiding the masses. There are many wonderful spots throughout the Caribbean where big ships can't or don't go. For example, many smaller lines visit the same islands as the big ships but call at different, quieter ports. Offbeat Places on the Most Popular Islands Choo ...

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Cornwall’s Maritime Branch Railway

A Scenic Train Route in Southwest England The Maritime Line links Truro, Cornwall’s charming county town, and Falmouth, a historic port, centre for small boat sailors and home of Britain’s National Maritime Museum. The line opened in 1863, originally intended as a terminus for trains linking London with the regular “packet” ships carrying mail from Falmouth to Africa, Europe, and across the Atlantic Ocean. ...

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Beauty Tips To Slow Down Ageing

Grow Old Gracefully? Or Call in Beauty's Big Guns? MOST OF us try to embrace the idea of growing old gracefully, but the reality isn't always that easy -especially when it's staring back at us every day from the mirror. There are the creases that seem to appear out of nowhere, the lines that carve their way around our eyes, and the loss of skin tone which no amount of wonder cream will ever tighten up. We a ...

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Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Play Free Games from Any Computer Free online jigsaw puzzle games are one of the most relaxing ways to spend one's time. There are many sites where users can play free games online. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the games many people have grown up with. However, who says that jigsaw puzzles are just for kids? Many adults enjoy jigsaw puzzles, and now, when there are so many free online jigsaw puzzle games, it i ...

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Apartment Design Ideas

There are many ways to decorate an apartment without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas for inexpensive design and storage solutions for small spaces. Decorating an apartment doesn't have to mean buying expensive furniture sets. With a little creativity, apartment tenants can design a rental that maximises space without breaking the budget. Add Colour and Pattern with Textiles Interesting textiles and f ...

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Buying a Mattress Topper – What to Look Out For

The first mattresses were constructed of grass and leaves and were held together with animal skins. We have come a long way since those times, and the variety of mattresses and mattress toppers is wide. Although mattresses and toppers are now being made from modern materials, they are still made with natural materials as well. Selecting and purchasing a mattress topper can be very confusing. What seems to b ...

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A Basic Guide to Cleaning an Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning unit is not the kind of appliance where you buy it and then forget about it. Aircon units need regular maintenance and cleaning. When you clean an aircon, you are enhancing the air quality and the performance of the unit. In this article, we explain how to clean your air conditioner. Check the Instructions Before you lift the cover of your AC, be sure to read the AC's instruction guidebo ...

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Why Relocate to Catalunya?

Many Brits and other Europeans are choosing Spain as their new home, with the most popular location being the Costa Blanca, where property is cheap, even if you design a home from scratch. However, another up and coming trendy choice is Cataluña, where the people are friendly, and the lifestyle is relaxed, and the weather great. Cataluña is a region of Spain where the official language is Catalan, which is ...

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Is CBD Oil A Miracle Medicine For Pets?

There’s no doubt that CBD oil use, for people and pets, is on the rise. Due to its ability to help treat a vast array of illnesses, and with little to no real side-effects, it comes as no surprise that it is routinely called a ‘miracle’ medicine. CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike cannabis, it will not have a ‘high’. There is no euphoric effect. The effect it does have, howe ...

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