Best Ways to Clean Your Persian Rug

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Best Ways to Clean Your Persian Rug

If properly cared for, your fine handmade rug should last a lifetime. Although prevention is the best medicine, professional rug cleaning is indispensable for maximum enjoyment and preservation of your oriental or antique rug. The exquisite beauty of a handmade carpet makes it one of the world’s treasures. If properly cared for, a Persian rug can last for generations and be an endless source of pleasure in your home. Here are a few basics to ensure your rug is afforded the best protection:

Have Your Rug Professionally Washed

Oriental rug experts like Persian and Modern Rugs agree that the proper way to clean a rug is by hand using water and no harmful chemicals and machines. This hand cleaning is the same method which has been used for thousands of years. While it may be time-consuming it does preserve these beautiful works of art. This alone makes it worth the time and effort.

Careful washing will save your rugs from destruction by accumulated dust, lint, dirt and sand. Continued use of a carpet that contains common household soils and grit accelerates the wear of the carpet by literally cutting the fibers and encouraging mildew and pests. In-home surface cleaning of these carpets does not remove the particles from the foundation of the carpet and is not recommended nor endorsed by any authority on oriental rugs.

Vacuum Frequently

Remember that soil and dust particles act the same as tiny razor blades which continually saw away at the fibers of a rug, especially when it is in constant use. Try to vacuum often, and avoid the fringes.

Inspect Regularly

Particularly if any part of your rug is under furniture or in a dark area, you should inspect periodically for moths. Moths will generally be evident by their casings, which look like grains of rice. You should look at the rug carefully for evidence of insects.

Address Emergencies Immediately

All oriental repair work is expensive because it is time-consuming and very labor-intensive. It is therefore important that any damage to your rug be addressed sooner rather than later. It is safe to say that time is the enemy of oriental rugs. The longer a damaged area goes unrepaired, the longer a spill or animal accident remains on the rug, the longer your rug goes with moths eating away at it, the harder it will be to correct, and in some cases, the stains will not come out and/or the repairs will be very costly.

Remove potted plants

If you place a potted plant on your rug, you are asking for certain trouble. Many rugs sustain major damage from this practice. It is virtually impossible to ensure that moisture will not make its way to the rug, and the carpet will rot out from this moisture.

Store rugs properly

If you find the need to store your rug it should be rolled for the time it is in storage. After this, the rug should be wrapped in a breathable, archival type paper, never plastic, for storage.

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