Buying Art for Your Home

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Buying Art for Your Home

Buying Art for Your Home

There is nothing that adds sophistication and personality to a home, whether it is a large mansion or a cosy apartment, more than pieces of art hanging neatly on the walls. It is both easy and rewarding to shop for,  and makes a great investment if you know what to look for; here are some tips:

1 Look around your home, and decide what is the mood, or feel of the space. Also, is there a particular theme you want to affirm,  and is this room modern or rustic? It helps to have an idea of what you want the piece of art to do for you, in order to purchase the right piece. For example, sleek lines and sparse décor will call for modern art, such as a Pollack, while a more rustic space will look more at ease with an impressionist piece, like a Renoir.

2 Look into websites and art galleries. Modern artists often have their own website where they sell their art. Art galleries are an obvious place to look, but they add a commission to the sale, and so are more expensive than buying directly from the artist. An unusual but great place to look is in coffee shops: Local coffee establishments are watering holes for the art crowd, amd Many local coffee shops (though not the big chains) even sell art, or simply display works for local artists. This is a great place to discover up-and-coming artists, before they become commercialised and sell out to the mainstream.

3 Once you have the piece of art you want; maybe a painting, sculpture, drawing, or whatever;  place it in a corner of the room in which you plan to display it. See how well it matches the décor; do you like it there? Move it around until you think it fits in, and if not; try different positions, or other rooms, until you are perfectly happy with what you have.

Art doesn’t have to pretentious, or exhausting to buy, or bank-breaking.
Prints are great way to have great art, without going bankrupt on the piece itself plus insurance. Giclee method is great and can easily pass for the real thing.
Only buy art you absolutely have to possess: If not, it is probably not for you.
Don’t buy art to impress people: If you don’t “get” it, chances are no-one else will either, and you will just look pretentious for having bought it.
Do not overpay! Artists always think their art is worth more than it is, because of the labour they put into it, but if they ask a lot of money for a watercolour of a sunflower, that you believe you can make yourself; turn around and walk away.

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