Can I Build a Hot Tub to Fit in a Small Space?

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Can I Build a Hot Tub to Fit in a Small Space?

Not all hot tubs need expanses of space around them. Adding a hot tub to your deck, patio or poolside is one way to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoor space. Hot tubs are comfortable even when it’s too cold for a swim in the pool. However, adding a hot tub usually involves a considerable expense and a large amount of space. Some hot tubs will fit into small spaces, but building one without enough room is unlikely to work well.

Small Hot Tubs

In many cases, a homeowner can build the housing for a small, prefabricated hot tub to fit it into a small space. Small hot tubs, which typically have space for two or three people who sit side-by-side, are less than 80 inches in each dimension. This means they can fit into tight spaces on pool decks or adjacent to an exterior wall of your home. The housing for the tub can be made from wood, stone, brick or even plywood with a laminate surface.

Saving Space

Building a hot tub enclosure and selecting the right prefabricated tub requires you to know exactly how much space you have to work with. You might need special equipment, such as welding tools, but you can buy online with easy fast delivery. To save valuable inches, consider using thin material, such as plywood, for the tub’s housing. Examine different hot tub shapes. Some tubs have triangular shapes that allow them to fit into corners, reducing the number of square feet you’ll need to consume by building the housing and installing the tub and controls.

Custom Tubs

If you have special plumbing, electrical and building skills, you may want to build your own custom hot tub to fit into a small or unusually shaped space. While this is a possibility for some homeowners, it’s also a challenge that can cause several serious problems. Installing a hot tub without the right type of plumbing will violate building codes and may create a risk for leaks. The same is true of improper electrical work, with the added danger of electric shocks. Casting a custom hot tub liner involves working with dangerous chemicals, with small imperfections in the liner representing potential sources of leaks.


If you don’t have the space for a small hot tub and lack the skills or ambition to build your own, other types of specialty tubs can provide some of the same benefits. A whirlpool bath, which you can use to replace an existing indoor tub, offers massaging jets and the comfort of being indoors. If you don’t use your swimming pool often, you can also consider replacing the pool with a full-size hot tub, which may allow you to reuse some of the existing plumbing and electrical wiring.

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