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Appreciate and Interpret Art

Humans have created art since the very beginning of our existence on earth. As we have grown and developed over the years, our art has developed and grown with us. Today, we can find art almost everywhere. In public spaces, private homes, art museums and galleries, among other places. If you are interested in art, but are not sure what to look for, or are looking to enhance your experience observing art in ...

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Buying Art for Your Home

There is nothing that adds sophistication and personality to a home, whether it is a large mansion or a cosy apartment, more than pieces of art hanging neatly on the walls. It is both easy and rewarding to shop for,  and makes a great investment if you know what to look for; here are some tips: 1 Look around your home, and decide what is the mood, or feel of the space. Also, is there a particular theme you ...

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Commission a Sculpture of Your Loved One

Here is a gift idea, for the person who thinks he or she has everything. Nothing says "I love you" like a timeless, original, bronze likeness of your beloved. The result is sure to be a conversation piece like no other, but first you need to know how to go about it: 1 Take the time to interview as many candidates as possible; commissioning the right artist is critical. The interviewing process will allow yo ...

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Create a Mosaic from Paper

Using the same basic techniques and methods used in creating collage art, take it in a different direction, by using only tiny bits of paper to create a mosaic that resembles painted pieces. You Will Need: Magazine clippings Paper Glue Cup of water Small inexpensive brush Small stretch canvas Picture or painting to work from, or your imagination 1 Compile a collection of magazines, tearing out the pages wit ...

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