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Top Tips for Winter Fishing

Ice Fishing or Open Water Angling in Cold Temperatures When winter brings plummeting temperatures, snow, and ice, some anglers retire to their fly desks. or catch up with what's new on their favourite tackle and bait site. Others bundle up and go fishing, like the owner of this website. Cold winds, ice, and snow keep some anglers indoors, dreaming of good times in days to come. Some fishermen, however, have ...

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Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Play Free Games from Any Computer Free online jigsaw puzzle games are one of the most relaxing ways to spend one's time. There are many sites where users can play free games online. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the games many people have grown up with. However, who says that jigsaw puzzles are just for kids? Many adults enjoy jigsaw puzzles, and now, when there are so many free online jigsaw puzzle games, it i ...

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Details about Airsoft and Playing with Guns

Airsoft is a military simulation sport where the players participate in a mock combat with authentic military style tactics and weapons. This sport has a lot of similarities with paintball but unlike in paintball this particular sport uses 6mm round BBs made using hard plastic. But the guns used in this game are full scale replica of the weapons used in the real world. The name of this sport was coined by t ...

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A Mini Golf Course in the Garden

Do you feel depressed just by the sight of your empty yard, or maybe there is a vacant lot in your village that seems to need a purpose. Why not think of changing the scenery and bringing a totally different aura to that rather gloomy or creepy space; Why not give it a fresher look and put a smile on your face and that of others? Contrary to what many people think, home putting greens are not only for golf ...

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Copy a Figurine using a Rubber Mould

Mould-making is the most common way to translate a model design into another material, and lets you make multiple identical copies of the model. One type of mould used to copy figurines is the rubber mould, which is a flexible mould that does not ruin the original object. The best method for making a rubber mould of a figurine is the two-part process, which creates a mould that separates evenly down the mid ...

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Make a Rocket With Two Pop Bottles

You can make a toy rocket that will actually fly: Toy water rockets are fun and you can make them from a few household and hardware items. You do not need any special skills to make the toy water rocket, just two soda pop bottles and a few hardware parts. An adult should supervise children taking part in the project, since it involves using a portable drill. Your toy water rocket will fly at your command an ...

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Dye Fabrics Naturally

[caption id="attachment_911" align="alignnone" width="670"] Dye Fabric With Coffee[/caption] Dye Fabrics Naturally;  using natural materials in place of chemical based dyes. . Dyeing your clothes can be a fun way to design a whole new wardrobe. However, instead of spending money on chemical dyes to dye your clothing, try the green way: There are many different plants, berries, leaves, and barks, that will d ...

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Make Your Own Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a wonderful idea for year-round floral arrangements. You can dry flowers by hanging them, or by placing them in a box of desiccant, which better preserves the blossoms. You Will Need: Boxes Borax or Fine Sand Fresh-cut Flowers Gardening Gloves Pruning Shears Rubber Bands Silica Gel Packs String Box Method 1 Take a box and line it with silica gel, borax, or fine, dry sand, 2 Position the co ...

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