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Beauty Tips To Slow Down Ageing

Grow Old Gracefully? Or Call in Beauty's Big Guns? MOST OF us try to embrace the idea of growing old gracefully, but the reality isn't always that easy -especially when it's staring back at us every day from the mirror. There are the creases that seem to appear out of nowhere, the lines that carve their way around our eyes, and the loss of skin tone which no amount of wonder cream will ever tighten up. We a ...

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Why Relocate to Catalunya?

Many Brits and other Europeans are choosing Spain as their new home, with the most popular location being the Costa Blanca, where property is cheap, even if you design a home from scratch. However, another up and coming trendy choice is Cataluña, where the people are friendly, and the lifestyle is relaxed, and the weather great. Cataluña is a region of Spain where the official language is Catalan, which is ...

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Is CBD Oil A Miracle Medicine For Pets?

There’s no doubt that CBD oil use, for people and pets, is on the rise. Due to its ability to help treat a vast array of illnesses, and with little to no real side-effects, it comes as no surprise that it is routinely called a ‘miracle’ medicine. CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike cannabis, it will not have a ‘high’. There is no euphoric effect. The effect it does have, howe ...

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Choosing A Care Home – What To Consider

In the UK today, there are close to 12 million people aged 65 and over. Add to that around 5 million aged 80+ and we begin to understand the need for more affordable and more considered care and support for the increasing aging population. A popular consideration for care and comfort in older age is care home living. So, if you are considering either your own later life, or the care and support of a loved o ...

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3 Misconceptions We Have About Anxiety

In today’s climate, understanding mental health is essential – especially in the workplace environment. With increasing pressures on high-demand workloads, huge competition when it comes to securing work, and the rise in the cost of living, psychological pressures are very real and can impact on any one at any time. However, how well do we really understand one of the most common mental health struggles – a ...

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Micro-Needle Collagen Therapy: For Younger, Healthier Skin

One of the best ways to achieve healthy, smooth, ageless skin is by undergoing Dermaroller Therapy. Dermaroller therapy, better known as Micro-Needle Collagen Therapy, gives you the same smooth skin you can get from chemical peels or laser resurfacing, but for a price that can't be beat. Collagen in The Human Body Three-fourths of our skin is made from a fibrous protein called collagen. There are several ty ...

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Essential Guidelines on the QROPS System

If you are a UK expat or one of those people who look forward to retiring abroad, you must be quite concerned about how to manage your personal pensions. However, with the introduction of QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pensions Schemes), there is little to worry about your retirement plans. HMRC's Role in the QROPS System QROPS was introduced by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as an attempt ...

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Seven Signs of Cervical Spondylosis

A neck pain or a headache may be one of the early symptoms of cervical spondylosis. Cervical spondylosis can hit anyone over the age of 30. Cervical spondylosis is a form of arthritis. Although its exact cause remains unknown, it may be caused by bad posture, such as sitting on your laptop or desk for hours in a semi-erect manner. It could also be caused by physical strain on the spine or neck or sleeping i ...

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Move Management for Seniors Support Services

Move managers help seniors through the process of relocating. The popular support service helps with de-cluttering household possessions and downsizing. Moving to a new location is a stressful experience for anyone, but even more so for the elderly person who's moving into a smaller living space. The ordeal can be tough on caregivers too, especially for those who live out of town. Sorting through a houseful ...

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Top 5 Tips for Stealth Vapers

No matter how much you practice vaping responsibly sometimes doing so openly will bring you grief. From the curious who dominate your short break with endless questions, to the moaners and crusaders who object to vaping completely and make it known, sometimes life is just easier if you can simply vape without attracting unwanted attention. This is where stealth vaping comes in. There’ll be no more unwanted ...

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