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Five Tips To Get Your Music Career Off The Ground In 2016

Pursuing a career in the music industry is no easy feat. There are more artists out out there than ever before, and that means more competition. We’ve taken a look at five ways you can try to make yourself stand out from the rest of the pack, but the one thing you’ll need above everything else is passion. You’re likely going to have more than a couple of setbacks along the way, and it’s how you react that m ...

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Make The Most of Music Talks!

Music Talks is a website that has been set up by the Australian singer and songwriter Tracey Arbon, to provide a platform  for musicians to promote their music and gain more exposure all over the world. It is a site where artists from Australia and New Zealand can not only share their music with their fans, but it also allows them to share their personal stories. The artists featured on the website are link ...

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Are You a Musician on SoundCloud Looking to GROW your Fanbase?

Virtually all SoundCloud users want to get more traffic to their page, but they don't know how to go about getting it. They start looking around online and end up buying a do-nothing service that simply inflates their stats. Sound familiar? I understand why SoundCloud users buy these 'fake' promotion services - social proof and all - but fake likes and reposts won't do anything to grow your following if you ...

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