Create a Mosaic from Paper
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Create a Mosaic from Paper

Create a Mosaic from Paper

Using the same basic techniques and methods used in creating collage art, take it in a different direction, by using only tiny bits of paper to create a mosaic that resembles painted pieces.

You Will Need:
Magazine clippings
Paper Glue
Cup of water
Small inexpensive brush
Small stretch canvas
Picture or painting to work from, or your imagination

1 Compile a collection of magazines, tearing out the pages with good areas of colour, and file these papers in plastic bags, by colour where possible. Also have a file of interesting and possible subject pieces, that you may wish to try and recreate, in this torn paper painting technique.

2 Once the subject is chosen, sketch your design onto your stretch canvas. Some artists choose to sketch their designs onto the canvas prior to starting, others prefer to just start gluing the paper into place; either way works, it is up to the individual.

3 The paintings are created by hand tearing small portions of magazine colour, to the size and shape you desire. A brush is used with thinned down white glue. It is beneficial to brush a wash of glue directly onto the canvas in the area you wish to start. Each piece of magazine colour is glued into place, then a second layer of glue wash is brushed over the paper, to secure the piece and to prepare the area, for layering the next piece of paper into place.

Magazine paper tears easier in one direction than the other; discovering, this will provide you with a clean-edged piece as well as clean colour.
Collecting the paper in various colours prior to starting your project is a good idea; this allows you to continue your picture without having to stop and search for a particular colour
Small stretch canvas is the best choice to start with, then as you get more confident, your canvas size can expand with your skills.
Large canvas board tends to bend, and is harder to frame than a small canvas board, or the preferred stretch canvas.

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