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Details about Airsoft and Playing with Guns

Airsoft is a military simulation sport where the players participate in a mock combat with authentic military style tactics and weapons. This sport has a lot of similarities with paintball but unlike in paintball this particular sport uses 6mm round BBs made using hard plastic. But the guns used in this game are full scale replica of the weapons used in the real world.

The name of this sport was coined by the gun company known as Daisy BB as the company tried to market a new gun which was meant to use plastic projectiles instead of the ordinary metal ball bearings. This is what is commonly referred to as playing with guns made safe.

Since Airsoft was developed it has grown to the sport it is today where there are guns which are more accurate, sophisticated and safer BBs. The guns used in this game can be segregated into three main categories. These categories are gas, (CO2, green gas, automatic electric guns (AEGs) and spring powered. The spring powered guns require to be cocked every time prior to shooting and they also shoot a significantly lower velocity when compared with the AEG or gas guns. A range of airsoft tactical equipment is advised to prevent injury in these situations. On the other hand, the gas powered guns are designed in a way that they can use different types of gases including; propane, CO2 canisters and green gas. The AEGs usually come in rifle style where they use motor and battery to the spring mechanism. These different types of guns are available for rental since they are reliable and are also easier to use especially for the new players.

The guns used in Airsoft are required to comply with the orange tip muzzle requirement. This ensures that they can easily be distinguished from the real live fire ammunition fire arms. The guns usually run at 350fps to 500fps or higher mainly depending on the manufacturer and the particular gun. As per the VIP Airsoft field the guns are usually required to shoot at or under 330fps. This is mainly meant to enhance safety of all the players participating in the game.

The BBs used in playing Airsoft are mainly 6mm size balls which are made using plastic. These balls come in different brands and weights. They also come in trace or BioDegredable styles. At VIP Airsoft there are technicians who help the players to enhance safety. The technicians also help in ensuring that the BBs used are custom made to use within the arena. This includes using unique colors to ensure the BBs can be distinguished from others. Players can even bring the unused BBs in later sessions. Players are required to have eye protection at all times while

playing. It is also paramount to dress appropriately to reduce the impact of the BBs. The ears, mouth and nose are also required to be protected properly while participating in the game. The official field rules of Airsoft are;

  1. Wearing eye protection at all times while in and around the arena
  2. Keeping the gun pointed in safe direction at all times and keeping the finger off the trigger
  3. No verbal or physical fighting
  4. Always aim for the central mass while avoiding the head
  5. No shooting any other equipment in the arena
  6. No shooting any game enhancers
  7. No climbing on the walls, banisters or scaffolding
  8. No walking in the field while the game is going on
  9. When not in the field always remove the gun magazine
  10. Respect the other players and the referee
  11. No shooting within the ten feet surrender distance
  12. The referee has the authority to separate players into different teams for any reason


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