Dubbing Services: A Company That Does It Right

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Dubbing Services: A Company That Does It Right

Have you ever watched an Asian film or a European movie that was badly dubbed? When translated, the narrative was difficult, if not impossible to understand? I am guessing many of you, like me, have at some point viewed a dubbed film that translated awkwardly. I was intrigued to learn how they managed to dub content successfully, so I started to research the Internet to find out who dubs movies. This is what I came up with.

Today, thousands of films shown on television are professionally dubbed so they can be broadcast all over the world. The programme was initially recorded in one language, but subsequently transcribed into various languages for the benefit of other nationalities. People from all four corners of the globe want to watch the latest movies, so professional dubbers are in great demand. However, I actually wanted to locate a firm that dub films and programs for television channels.

I came across this great infographic while searching on the Internet. It tells me more about a company who provide professional voice-overs.


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As mentioned earlier, professional dubbing services are sought after, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that Screens.tv website, a well-established company providing professional voice-overs are never short of business. Their tagline “We speak your language” is a brilliant and fitting advertising slogan. The skilled voice-over team provide creative services including content distribution, media processing, translation and subtitles for major satellite channels throughout the world. Their client list is enviable because they know the difference between good and bad dubbing.

The company offer an expert multi-lingual dubbing service and it seems this group of talented individuals are definitely going places. As far as I understand Screens.tv is an asset to the media and entertainment industry because they have the ability to translate content so that it can be enjoyed all over the world.

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