Easy Steps to Create a Perfect Bed

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Easy Steps to Create a Perfect Bed

Your bed is your haven; even if you only have a cheap divan bed, learn how to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible.

The bed is possibly the most special place in the whole house. Why not devote some time to your bed and give it a facelift to make it even more comforting? The right fabrics and accessories will make your bed a new experience and change the dynamics of your bedroom.


Instead of your bed simply being in the room, a few changes can make it the most decorative item.

To begin, choose a starting colour that you love. Whether it is a soft blue or a vibrant red pick something that you will enjoying seeing every day.

If you tend to be hesitant with colour you can use neutrals as a starting point and add your colour with accessories.

Try to pull your colour scheme together by creating a theme with your choices. For instance light green bedding with darker green curtains and pillows. Do not be afraid of using patterns or incorporating other details such as the accent colours in your artwork or wall hangings to offset your bedding.


If you are looking to purchase new bedding be aware that high thread count is not always the best indicator of comfort. Thread count refers only to the number of threads per square inch of material but does not reflect softness. The average range of quality bedding is between 200 to 400 thread count but before you put out your hard earned money ask if you can feel the material to ensure that you will enjoy sleeping between the sheets.

If you do not have the capabilities to buy new bedding don’t fret, there are many ways to use the items that you already have.

For example

–  Mix and match colours and patterns with throw pillows and blankets
–  Your favorite blanket can be folded or draped on the bed to add interest and drama
–  Create your own patterns with inexpensive fabric dye. Add wax to the mix to make gorgeous and personalized batik patterns

Make pillow cases or a quilt from fabrics that you have at home such as curtains or even shirts that you no longer wear. For more variety head to your local thrift store and pick out some vintage or extra funky items to use    Check out a craft shop for patterns and supplies to stencil your bedding or even make your own designs

Bed care

Although everyone has different preferences the recommendation is to wash sheets and duvet covers at least once per week. When washing ensure that you check the care instructions on each piece to avoid damage and never wash bedding in hot water as it can shrink the fabrics and distort the bedding. To maintain the integrity of the colours pillowcases and duvet covers should be turned inside out prior to washing.

When washing make sure that you include your pillows at least two times a year but again, please check the care instructions in case they are dry-clean only.

A few simple changes can make your bed and the rest of the room more inviting and relaxing!

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