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Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle Games

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Free online jigsaw puzzle games are one of the most relaxing ways to spend one’s time. There are many sites where users can play free games online.

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the games many people have grown up with. However, who says that jigsaw puzzles are just for kids? Many adults enjoy jigsaw puzzles, and now, when there are so many free online jigsaw puzzle games, it is straightforward to find a couple of sites and spend hours with their puzzles.

Here are five sites with free online jigsaw puzzle games for everybody – from kids to teenagers to people of any age.


JigZone is one of the best sites for free online jigsaw puzzle games. It offers many ready-made puzzles in many categories and sizes. JigZone can be played on any computer where Java is installed.

Unlike other online jigsaw sites, with JigZone it is possible to choose the shape of the pieces. Everybody who hates surrealistic figures or boring traditional ones will undoubtedly appreciate this functionality. There are many combinations of puzzle cuts and sizes, so a player will never get bored.

Another advantage of JigZone is that when a puzzle starts, the pieces are neatly arranged on the sides. However, unlike some other free online jigsaw puzzle games, with JigZone, pieces are to be removed one by one, so when the player needs to free some space, the task is a bit tedious.

JigZone offers many advanced features for free – for instance, there is a Puzzle of the Day or Puzzle Postcards. Also, there is a special surprise for webmasters – they can upload puzzles on their site for free! But the best is that users can create their art jigsaw puzzles from any image they like, which creates endless entertainment possibilities.


JigsawPlanet is another site for free online jigsaw puzzle games. Similar to JigZone, this site also requires Java because the puzzles are Java applets. In comparison to JigZone and some of the other sites, the assortment of puzzles offered on JigsawPlanet is poor, but users can upload their images and create jigsaw puzzles from them; this is not a problem.

One of the nice features of the free online jigsaw puzzle games at JigsawPlanet is selecting all the pieces and moving them aside. JigsawPlanet also offers the option to publish a puzzle on another site or blog or to send it to a friend.


JustJigsawPuzzles is another good site with free online jigsaw puzzle games. The collection there is rich, and new puzzles are released every day. As with the other two sites with free jigsaw puzzles, JustJigsaw allows creating a puzzle from an image the user uploads. Like JigsawPlanet, JustJigsawPuzzles allows to select all the pieces in a puzzle and move them aside so that they don’t clutter where the user assembles the puzzle.

In addition to JigZone, JigsawPlanet, and JustJigsaw Puzzles, there are many other sites where users can play free online jigsaw puzzles. If a user wants to try more, a brief search with Google delivers tons of results.


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