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Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Murder, Betrayal, Deceit, Costumes, Food and Fun; these are all traits befitting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Nothing brings good friends and family together better than killing off one of your very own guests, while the rest of the attendees must figure out whodunit. It is just like playing Cluedo, but in real life, although without the actual death. Are you up to the challenge of hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner? Read on to find out how.

1 The Game: If you have a good imagination and can write, you may be able to come up with a storyline, plot and clues for yourself, but if not, you can find Murder Mystery games online or in various game or book stores. Simply search using “Murder Mystery at home” and you will get several excellent results., and are all popular choices. Many sites allow you to download the information or have it sent to you by mail. The games range in price and complexity; from the number of guests required, to the number of clues and information provided.

2 The Invitations: Once you have the game in your possession, it is time to figure out the guest list. Look over the mandatory characters of the game and figure out which of your friends or family members will be best suited for that character. In the invitation, send your guests a description of their character and ask them to dress the part. You will be amazed at the costumes and creativity your guests have, as they show up to your door the night of the event!

3 Scheduling the Party: A great time of year to host a Murder Mystery Dinner is Halloween! Get all of your grown-up friends together and provide a bit of entertainment, while your character friends get dressed up and ready for the mystery. One way to keep the party a mystery, is to provide props and/or costumes at the door, and a script; surprise your friends who think they are coming over for a regular dinner party and turn the evening into a spook-tacular fright night! Don’t forget,  you can host a Murder Mystery Party any time of the year, if Halloween doesn’t quite appeal to you or your friends.

4 The Guests’ Arrival: As your guests arrive, you will hand them their personalised scripts. Be sure to tell them to play their character from the time you begin the game; whether the game is started the moment they walk in the door, or upon the arrival of the final guest, is up to you. Make sure they know not to share scripts or secrets with other guests, to help maintain the mystery.

5 The Dinner: You can plan a simple dinner or something complex; it is entirely up to you. You could serve pizza and salad, or theme the fare for the evening’s mystery. Just make sure you plan for enough food and beverages for the number of guests you have invited.

6 A Twist: Instead of telling your friends and family about the murder mystery in the invitations; let them find out during dinner, as one of your guests mysteriously dies while eating, or while enjoying libations or friendly conversation after dinner; again, as one of your guests mysteriously dies; then walk around passing out the various roles to assigned individuals.

7 The Cleanup: It is easiest to clean up after a party the same night, when you are still awake and not yet overwhelmed by the mess around you. Try to tackle the dishes and pick up the cups around your home, before going to bed; vacuuming and mopping can wait. These simple steps will allow you to feel less overwhelmed next morning, when you attempt to tackle the post-party mess.

Be sure to tell everybody not to reveal their secrets unless prompted to by their script. Make sure you keep events flowing; if you notice things getting stale or boring, guide your guests on to the next step of the mystery.
Know what the mystery ending is in advance, even if the instructions tell you to wait until the end. As the host, you need to know what is happening, so that things flow smoothly and keep your guests interested.

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