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Host an Outdoor Halloween Party

Host an Outdoor Halloween Party

How would you like to have a Halloween party outside in the cool Autumn air: Here is how to put together a Halloween party in your back yard.

1 Hang lanterns from trees for an eerie glow; You can also use paper lanterns that have small lights, and have pumpkins at the entrance of your yard.

2 Take two or more tables, put them end to end, and cover them with a white table cloth, with a candelabra or other table decoration at either end. Fill the table with goodies and refreshments.

3 Put up a backyard theatre ; using a tent, or sheets hung over a clothes line, or just a stage; and have the kids show off their talents, or hire a Magician.

4 Bury a small treasure in your back yard and give each guest a treasure map to follow, to find the treasure. Best suggestion is to have several treasures buried, so that more people get a chance to win.

5 Have light in your backyard, so your guests can walk around safely: Up-lighting positioned in the far corners of the yard give a great effect, and you can use purple, orange, or green bulbs.

6 Use organ music playing in the background, to help set the mood.

7 Build a fire in an outdoor fire pit, ifr you have one, or light a fire in a metal trash can or similar safe container, for everyone to sit around, and provide sticks for cooking marshmallows. Alternatively you could just light a barbecue.

Add the usual games like apple bobbing; which can be done in a shed or under cover if it is chilly, or even use warm water. Have fun!

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