How to Personalize Plain Furniture

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How to Personalize Plain Furniture

Store-bought furniture can feel plain or boring. Here are some simple updates that will add a personal touch to ready-made furniture pieces.

Basic furniture from big box stores like Ikea are well-built, affordable home furnishing options. However, mass-produced furniture can look a little basic. With a few simple additions, even the most basic white bookcase or TV stand can look like a custom furniture piece. If you have bought a bed, a great way to personalise it is with a headboard. this online shop has upholstered headboards available in many sizes.

Add Decorative Storage

Adding storage is an option that is both eye-catching and practical:

Intersperse colorful canvas bins in between rows of books in a bookshelf.

Line a bookshelf with dark baskets, bookends, a clock, and a houseplant. Add a splash of color by lining the baskets with cheerful fabric that matches throw pillows, cushions, and other accent pieces.
Keep photos, office supplies, and other odds and ends organized in patterned cardboard file boxes.
Canvas bins are an easy way to contain cords, remotes, and other accessories in an entertainment center, and keeps the space from looking cluttered.

Add Personality to Basic Furniture with Paper

Paper products are a simple and budget-friendly way to update a tired piece of furniture, or to add personality to a new basic piece.

Use contact paper to line the drawers or cupboard of a plain sideboard or buffet. The paper liner will protect the interior from scuffs and scratches, while adding a little color and interest to the piece’s interior.
Also use contact paper to decorate a set of basic bookshelves. Striped paper adds an unexpected pop of color and pattern when spread along the planks of a bookcase, or even along the interior sides.

Add panels of wallpaper, contact paper, even gift wrap to the doors of a basic wardrobe or cabinet. While a simple, careful line of glue will get the job done, a basic two-inch frame nailed to the doors adds dimension and visual interest to the piece.

Using Paint to Customize Furniture

A relatively straightforward way to alter a piece of furniture to suit a room’s decor style is with paint.
When working with a pre-packaged bookcase, coffee table, or wardrobe, be sure to prep appropriately. Sand and prime all wooden items to ensure that the paint will adhere to the piece.

For a dramatic change, try painting a large item to match a room’s accent color. For example, if a gray living room is accented with dark purple, try painting a bookcase purple to match. The result will be dramatic, but won’t look out of place.

For a similar effect, add a coat of paint to only one part of a furniture piece: a wardrobe’s doors, the front edges of a bookcase, or the top surface of a coffee table. The additional color helps tie the space together, but is more efficient than painting an entire piece.

A few simple changes go a long way towards adding character and personality to a plain bookcase or table. With these ideas, even the most basic store-bought piece of furniture can be updated to suit a living space.



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