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Make The Most of Music Talks!

Music Talks is a website that has been set up by the Australian singer and songwriter Tracey Arbon, to provide a platform  for musicians to promote their music and gain more exposure all over the world. It is a site where artists from Australia and New Zealand can not only share their music with their fans, but it also allows them to share their personal stories.

The artists featured on the website are linked to established artists with whom they share a similar sound. This makes it easier for visitors to the site to find new artists in their favourite genres and discover new talent. Fans are able to subscribe to a monthly newsletter that will introduce them to a wide range of new music. There are also monthly prize draws for subscribers with a number of free giveaways, which is an incentive to become a subscriber.

Music Talks is the perfect Australian platform for indie artists

The website is very easy to use for fans who want to find new artists. There are menus for each type of music genre and within each menu, there are different artists listed. By clicking on the name of an artist, information about that artist that they have provided themselves is available. This helps to give fans a real insight into what has influenced the music that this artist has created. There will also be opportunities to listen to their music.

A range of established artists and experts from the music industry work with the site to provide advice and guidance to new artists. They also offer fans their own opinions on up and coming artists, and will give their tips for artists to look out for. These tips are not just intended to be solely for new and upcoming artists, they can also be useful to more experienced acts.

Music Talks is also very active on social media and this has advantages for both fans and artists. The social media page can link directly to any page that the artist already has which can connect them with a larger audience. Fans may find it easier to keep up with Music Talks on social media, and it can help to ensure that they don’t miss the opportunity to discover any new talent! Click here for the Music Talks Facebook Page.

Artists who wish to submit their music to Music Talks can do so via email and they will be contacted quickly to let them know if their submission was successful. It helps if the artist has a website or social media page with examples of their work on, as this makes it easier for Music Talks to listen to their work.

You can find the site here: Music Talks: Discover New Music

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