Make Your Own Dried Flowers

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Make Your Own Dried Flowers

Make Your Own Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a wonderful idea for year-round floral arrangements. You can dry flowers by hanging them, or by placing them in a box of desiccant, which better preserves the blossoms.

You Will Need:
Borax or Fine Sand
Fresh-cut Flowers
Gardening Gloves
Pruning Shears
Rubber Bands
Silica Gel Packs

Box Method
1 Take a box and line it with silica gel, borax, or fine, dry sand,
2 Position the complete heads of the flowers in the box, face down;  Dahlias, roses and zinnias dry well using this method.
3 Sift more sand or borax in, until the flower heads are covered.
4 Place your box in a warm and dry setting for about two weeks.

Air-Dry Method
1 Pick flowers when their blossoms are half-open, and leave them on their stems.
2 Strip the lower leaves from the stems; do not remove the leaves closest to the flower on the stem.
3 Gather 8 – 10 stems together, and tie them with string, or secure them with rubber bands.
4 Hang the bundle upside down in a well-ventilated area. After 10 days, in warm weather; the flowers should be dry. When drying multiple bundles of flowers, leave space between them; to ensure thorough drying.

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