Move Management for Seniors Support Services

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Move Management for Seniors Support Services

Move managers help seniors through the process of relocating. The popular support service helps with de-cluttering household possessions and downsizing.

Moving to a new location is a stressful experience for anyone, but even more so for the elderly person who’s moving into a smaller living space. The ordeal can be tough on caregivers too, especially for those who live out of town. Sorting through a houseful of belongings and deciding what to keep and what to donate or dispose of can be overwhelming. Move managers is a service that helps seniors downsize before they relocate. What services does a move manager offer and what does it cost?

How Do Move Managers Work?
Moving an aging loved one into your home or into a smaller living space is not only stressful, but can also be an emotional event. The services provided by a move manager can help make the transition easier for the elderly person and his or her family. Experienced move managers work closely with the client, his or her family, home healthcare providers and the new residential facility management to make the move as stress-free as possible.

After conducting the initial consultation and settling the moving day details, the move management team comes into the senior’s home and helps sort through all the belongings. They help decide:

What to keep
What to sell
What to give away (family members, friends, charities and thrift stores)
What to dispose of.

Depending on what services the company provides, the move manager may assist with:

Finding a reputable moving company – see this post for more details
Packing the boxes or overseeing the moving company do the packing
Supervising the movers on moving day to see that all belongings are carefully loaded
Disassembling electronics for the big move
Utility changes
Cleaning out the house and garage

At the destination residence the moving manager oversees the unpacking. He and his team create a floor plan of how furniture should be safely arranged to best suit the client. But that’s not all; many move management services will set up the living space. They hang pictures and hook up electronics. Move service employees even make the beds and perform whatever finishing touches are needed to complete the move. All the elderly client has to do is show up at his new address and everything will be in place.

How Much Does Move Management Cost?
The cost of move management is determined after an in-home consultation. Price depends on how much work has to be done cleaning out and closing out the old home. It depends on the amount and size of furniture, the number of other items to be moved and the distance to the new location. Some agencies, such as Xpress Movers (Xpress Movers website and the page tabbed “Free Moving Quote”), want an estimate of how many boxes will be needed to pack clothes and other belongings.

Some move management agencies may have a limited service area. Take Care Move Assistance (website with same name) is one such example. However, on the “Frequently Asked Questions” page, the information states that the company does have resources to help find movers and move managers throughout the nation. This particular company helps with senior housing options for those who are interested, as well.

Naturally, the more features used, the higher the price. The company and website, Dawson Relocation Services, serves the Chicago area, but the page titled “Our Services” has one unique feature that stood out: They arrange shipment of dispersed items to family members (things that won’t be used by the client in his new home, or that he won’t have room for).

Moving is an ordeal for anyone of any age. A move management company can take much of the stress out of moving for a senior who needs to relocate. Family members and distant caregivers can rest easy knowing their loved one and his belongings are being treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Move management is becoming quite popular as the population of elderly persons rises and many people are forced to relocate. That said, move management seems to be worth the cost for those who can afford it. The expense is worth it if the elderly person is satisfied and feels right at home in his or her new residence.

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