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Organise a Dinner Theatre Event

Organise a Dinner Theatre Event

Dinner theatre combines two great pastimes that everyone loves: Eating and being entertained. There is nothing like a great night out; watching passionate people perform and getting fed while you are there. However, organising a dinner theatre event can be a bit daunting. Follow a few easy tips for a fantastic evening of dinner and theatre:

1 Set a date: The first thing you must do is commit to a firm date on which to have your dinner theatre event. Look at the calendar and make sure the night you choose doesn’t conflict with a major holiday, sporting event, or something similar in your community.

2 Choose a venue: Now that you have got a date, you have to find somewhere to sing for your supper. Schools, church halls, community centres, local theatres, and even restaurants, are all great places to consider when organising your event. Take the time to visit these locations, and think about how many people will be performing and if they will have adequate space to do the show. Also make sure there is ample seating and the kitchen is a place where you will be able to prepare the meal. Pick a place and be sure to sign a contract, to reserve the evening.

3 Decide on a show: When choosing a show for your dinner theatre event, make sure it is one that can be easily performed, without many props or extensive scenery or lighting. Also be sure to choose a show which plays to the strengths of your acting company, as well as being enjoyable for your audience. Hamlet for 8-year-olds might not be a big hit.

4 Advertise the production: You are having your big show, so you have got to get the word out. Send emails, post on community websites, take out an ad in the newspaper, pass out flyers; do anything and everything to make sure people know about your show. Create a programne of the event, and sell advertising space, to help with costs.

5 Plan a menu: This is the other important item in your dinner theatre event, so don’t let it slide. Make sure the food will be fresh, easy to prepare, and enjoyable for your audience. This is one place where you definitely should not skimp. Think about meals you can make easily, in large quantities that are also tasty. Pastas always go over well, but avoid spaghetti, as this is not ideal to eat, if the audience are dressed up.

6 Rehearse your production: Make sure you don’t put so much time into planning the event that you neglect rehearsals, as that is the whole reason people are coming in the first place. Put a lot of time and effort into your show and the benefits will pay off.

7 Break a leg! It is the big night, so relax and have fun; Go out, perform, and be proud of the show you are putting on.

Use volunteers where possible, especially if your production is a fund-raiser. Volunteers can help sell tickets, serve food on a production night, and be the crew for the performance.

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