Simple Steps to a Safe Vacation

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Simple Steps to a Safe Vacation

Simple Steps to a Safe Vacation

A vacation is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself and your family; Follow these simple practices to keep your vacation safe, stress-free, and enjoyable:

You have worked hard all year and finally, it is time for a vacation; time to relax and enjoy some time with your family. You and your family have sat down and picked out the perfect place for your vacation and you have all decided on the activities you want to engage in while you are there. To preserve your sense of peace and relaxation, take some simple and easy steps to protect the safety of your family and yourself. These simple steps start at home, during the planning phase of your vacation, and do not end until you have arrived back at home safe and sound.

Travel Planning
This is the time to try to consider all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ that can occur on your vacation. After you have decided where to go, it is wise to take some time to locate some of the important facilities that you may need. Find the closest hospital to your hotel, and write the phone number and address down on your list of numbers you will be carrying. Add to that list the address and phone number of the hotel where you are staying. Make sure to write down your family’s cell phone numbers, just in case you find yourself without the use of the directory in your own cell phone. For more great travel planning tips, visit

On the Road
After you have determined the route you plan to use to get to your destination, take a close look on the map of the cities and towns you will be traveling through. Make a note of gas stations, vehicle repair facilities, towing companies, and tire repair shops that you will be passing by. If your vehicle has two sets of keys, make sure that two responsible people each have a set. If you have a travel assistance service, make sure you have their phone number and that your membership is current. When you make a stop and everyone is out of the vehicle, be sure to lock your doors. This may not seem like a big deal, but an unlocked car is a much easier target for a thief than a locked one.

In the Air
The most important thing to do when getting ready for air travel is to know your flight information and share it with everybody you are traveling with. Once you know your concourse and gate number, make sure to distribute that information too. The security check point can be a crowded and confusing place, so make every effort to keep your family together during the security process: Do not leave the security checkpoint without having accounted for every person in your party. Try to sit in close proximity to one another on the plane; If you have to sit in different rows, assign an adult to each child, or have the parents sit in the row behind the children. It is much easier to keep an eye on your little ones when they are in front of you. At the baggage carousel keep your party together; An easy way to do this is to have one parent take the kids a few steps back from the crowd at the carousel, and have one parent retrieve all the luggage. Do not leave the baggage area until every bag and everyone in your group is accounted for.

At the Hotel
While it is time to relax, it is not time to let your guard down: If you have brought any valuables, like expensive jewellery, that you are willing to leave in your hotel room, use the safe if there is one. It is best just to leave your expensive things at home, unless you are planning to use them during your vacation. While you are in the room, engage the deadbolt, and the sliding chain or swivel-type door lock. Hanging out the ‘do not disturb’ sign is a clear indication from outside a hotel room, that someone is inside; Use your best judgment when deciding to use this sign. When you leave your hotel make sure you have a room key, your wallet, and your personal identification. Do not leave your passport in your hotel room, it is much safer secured on your person, or left with hotel management. A neck wallet that can be worn inside your shirt, is a great place for your passport and other valuables.

Touring Tips
Half the fun of any vacation is going out and experiencing new places and meeting new people. A trip to New Orleans would not be complete without venturing down Bourbon Street and taking part in a Mardi Gras celebration. In the same way a monohaul yacht for hire vacation in the Grenadines would not be complete without visiting a few of the local beach bars.While you are out adventuring, it is important to keep track of your family; Even a simple bathroom stop can lead to a lost child. A top safety priority is to establish what each person should do if they become separated and steps to take to prevent separation. Older children, say over age 10, should make their way to a designated family rally point. Setting a rally point, such as a restaurant in the area, will make it easier for everybody to stay found. Young children should stay put if they find themselves separated from their family. Young children should also carry a card with the parents` contact information on it. Some parents use a marker and write their names and cell phone numbers on the inside of a child’s shirt. This helps to prevent the child from losing their parent’s contact information. The general idea here is that a lost child is probably going to have to rely on a stranger for help; It is best to give the stranger the best chance of helping your child find you. As for yourself, while you are out walking around consider giving up your purse and switching to a small wallet if you can. A small wallet can be put in a front pocket and be much safer than a purse dangling from your arm: Men should consider moving a wallet to a front pocket also.

This article should not be considered a comprehensive guide to vacation safety, but ollowing the practices presented here will enhance the safety of you and your family, while vacationing pretty much anywhere.

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