Start Your Own Small Repertory Company

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Start Your Own Small Repertory Company

Start Your Own Small Repertory Company

If you have a theatrical talent, you can channel that energy into your own repertory company. If you reach out to other local talents in your community you can find the people who will fufill the many roles necessary to run a small theatre company. It is easier than you think: In around a month, you could have a cabaret act up and functioning at your local coffee house.

1 Define your talent, and the style of theatre company you would like to create. e.g. you are a writer of short plays, and you want to see them produced.

2 Collect local artists and friends whose talents you admire, or go to your local community centre, arts centre, or a coffee house you like. Post a “Call for Artists” flyer; describing the players you are looking for: actors, musicians, poets, dancers MC, etc

3 Talk to the owner of your favorite local coffee house or similar venue, and arrange to use a back room to put on your showcase. Coffee houses are generally open to any kind of activity that will draw in customers who will buy coffee.

4 Gather your group of players at your venue for regular rehearsals, and draw up a plan for your showcase. Maybe you just have plays, or maybe you have a night of different artistic talents all working under one theme. Keep the first showcase short; an hour or two maximum.

5 Pick a date for your showcase and send out flyers to friends, family, and community; inviting them to come see the performance and support the theatre.

It is important to have an MC (Master of Ceremonies) to introduce the acts; someone who is comfortable with welcoming your audience and running the show, especially if it is a group of different artists who need to be introduced throughout the night. Your MC will keep the energy going, and insure a more successful feeling to your evening.
If you are doing staged readings of short plays, think minimalism: No props, just reading.

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