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Tamper Evident Security Bags – Keep Your Assets 100% Safe‎

There is always the concern that when you are transporting or storing valuables, such as cash, assets and documentation, that the contents could fall into the wrong hands and it could be tampered with in some way without you knowing. Using inferior packaging to store these kinds of things increases the possibility of this tampering. This is because it is not always easy to tell if tampering has occurred. For example, someone may have accessed documents, made copies or stolen assets and then re-sealed the packaging as if nothing had happened to it at all.

Therefore, if you want to avoid it happening, you need to use a more safe and secure form of packaging that protects against tampering and that also shows evidence when this occurs. Tamper evident security bags are one such type of packaging – that is so-called because it clearly shows evidence of tampering.

Locking Chambers

These particular security bags feature locking chambers that when used in conjunction with security seals keep the contents of the bag safe from being disturbed or accessed without you knowing they have. When you combined locking chambers with security seals, in the event that the bag has been tampered with, the zip is locked in place and cannot be opened without breaking it. the best way to ensure your valuables and assets are stored safely is by opting for the patented T2 security seal and locking chamber. Your items will not be able to be covertly accessed because the zip is locked in place and cannot be unlocked without breaking. Therefore, you would know if in transit or storage that someone had accessed or attempted to access whatever you stored inside.

Without using tamper evident security bags and the various systems Versapak has in place in their products, you may not know until it is too late if someone has tried to steal or look at the valuables in any bags you use. Versapak have made a simple and sturdy system that ensures when the bag is zipped and sealed firmly, because of the locking seals, there is always clear evidence of tampering.

Weather Resistant

As weather and atmospheric conditions can also interfere with the security and safety of your assets and documentation, it is important to use materials that are weather resistant. The best tamper evident security bags from Versapak are made from these kinds of materials.

Highly Durable

Durability is always an important aspect to consider when it comes to transporting sensitive information or valuables and assets. The bags from Versapak are made from highly durable materials that are resistant to a lot of wear and tear and also feature a seamless bottom to help support heavier loads.

Tamper evident security bags give you the peace of mind you need to know that your items will be protected in storage and transit, but even if they tampered with you will know about it and can do something about it. There are various options to meet your own specific needs and requirements.

To buy tamper-proof bags, visit https://www.versapak.co.uk.

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