Thinking of Buying Property in Spain? Why Jávea is a Top Choice

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Thinking of Buying Property in Spain? Why Jávea is a Top Choice

The Spanish property market saw a small relapse in 2014 but since then prices have risen steadily and sales have also progressively risen. Last year the UK property market also experienced a small downturn, the first since 2012. Perhaps not so coincidentally, sales to foreign buyers went up quite significantly in the second quarter of 2017 and the Costa Blanca remains one of the UK buyers favourite destinations. When there are so many good reasons why to buy here, it makes sense that retirees and investors alike are heading to this beautiful stretch of coastline.

While Alicante is great for city shakers it’s not everyone’s cup of tea: Especially those looking for a quieter life! Jávea and the surrounding towns offer up an authentic feel. For those looking for a place in the sun surrounded by beautiful landscape and plenty of sandy beaches, Jávea is a top spot.

Easy Access

Jávea is only about an hour’s drive from Alicante airport. This is not only extremely convenient for people living there but also one of its good points for those considering renting. For investors, the prices here are still very inexpensive compared to many towns and cities. Whereas the prices inland can be tempting, for holiday and short-term rentals they can be very impractical. Even for those retiring and so living in Spain full time, if you want to jump on a plane to go home it can be a bit of a trawl – Especially if you do not drive.

In Demand

Property along the Costa Blanca is in demand – All the statistics are backing that up. Popularity is an important factor when buying a home. See more on this Javea estate agency web portal. Add popularity to the fact there are plenty of properties for sale and you can expect a better choice with regards to investment and future returns. If you are buying a holiday home or a rental, a popular town like Jávea, offering up a good helping of inexpensive property, would be a very good choice. If you are looking to establish yourself and live the Spanish life, then Jávea is also one of the most accommodating. Jávea is also a popular spot with the Spanish which keeps the lifestyle authentic, yet it has all the modern amenities you would expect in a town of this size.

Looking for the Good Life

Many people think a life of sun and sandy beaches is reserved for millionaires, celebrities and business tycoons. In Spain that is just not so! In towns such as Jávea you can live a good life enjoying the Mediterranean weather and lifestyle on a reasonable budget. There are plenty of excellent restaurants, the café culture is relaxing and enjoyable, plus a healthy helping of nightlife around and about the town. Jávea is a popular destination for tourists which keeps the town busy without the hustle and bustle. The atmosphere is relaxed and the scenery amazing.

Right now, Spanish property prices continue to be low, particularly when compared to the UK and northern areas of Europe. Without a doubt, Spanish property is a buyers’ market. Make the most of it and get your place in the sun while the going is still good!

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