Top 20 Movies To Give As Gifts

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Top 20 Movies To Give As Gifts

star wars triologyChoosing the perfect gift for your loved ones could be tricky at times as you try to get the best thing out there while making sure that it brings the kind of happiness and joy you intend for them to have. Movies, being a great alternative in these situations, manage to deliver these very things and possibly even more.

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.

                                                                                      -Charles Dudley Warner

Choosing a movie for your friends and relatives is a great gift in so many ways. A movie could take away a person from his hectic routine to a world where everything is possible. Even if this sounds a bit too cheesy, it is undoubtedly true. A good movie could uplift one’s mood in no time and is a very enjoyable way of spending time with loved ones.

One important point is that no matter where you are in the World, you will find these movies have been translated into many different languages. So don’t worry if you need a film that has Arabic subtitling, German or Chinese, you will find these with the appropriate translation, thanks to the many companies who offer these services across the globe.

The act of selecting a movie to give is a hard one and requires careful evaluation and assessment of your decision. If you are currently stuck in a similar situation then you have come to the right place! Through our extensive research, we have compiled a list of 20 movies that are just perfect to give someone. The list offers a holistic mix of movies which are bound to be perfect for any kind of target audience. So go ahead and choose the best one to give to your friends and family!

  • 1. Minions

    The Minions

For those who stuck around till the end credits of Despicable Me 2 and saw three of our favorite little yellow creatures audition for a movie, it was an easy guess that a spin-off was coming our way. Minions, however, proves to be much more than that and offers exquisite comedy with a fun backstory of the movie franchise we all adore. The movie not only attracts younger audience but succeeds at scoring big with the adult audience too with exceptional humor and an engaging story line, making it perfect gift you to give!

  • 2. Star Wars Trilogy IV – VI

Watching the original Stars Wars Trilogy is itself an amazing treat for any and all. The amazing story, the brilliant acting, the perfect script, everything in these movies is just molded to perfection. Dedicating a night to watch this vital and most precious piece of Hollywood history will be one of the best experience of one’s life and would surely result in him falling in love with the franchise. Even individuals who have seen the movie already to not hesitate for a moment to re-experience the sheer awesomeness and ultimate entertainment that these movies have to offer.

  • 3. Inside Out

Inside Out is truly a complete package! The movie is simply an amazing look at growing up and letting your emotions flow through as you experience the various changes that come your way. Using amazing talents like Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith and Bill Harder, the movie takes one through an amazing ride filled with adventure, humor, love and with the perfect touch of emotions to top it all off. Inside Out, with its amazing story line and tremendous animations, is bound to entertain all age groups equally. Caution, you might need a tissue for this one!

  • 4. Ant Man

Marvels Ant Man was a much awaited movie by us all. There were some doubts about the movies performance before its release but the results were exceptional both commercially and critically making Ant Man a great action plus comedy adventure for all to enjoy. Exploring the amazingly talented Paul Rudd’s portrayal as Scott Lang and his ascend as Ant Man, the movie takes viewers through a fun-filled action oriented comedy experience which will light them up with delight and amazement.

  • 5. Mission Impossible

Watching Tom Cruise achieve the impossible in this action packed blockbuster is easily one of the best experiences Hollywood has to offer. Placing itself well among the classics of the Industry, the Mission Impossible franchise is a commercial and critical success which offers a great experience filled with moments of thrill, joy, happiness, action and much more. Being a complete package for a great movie night, the Mission Impossible collection makes one of the best collections to give.

  • 6. Star Wars Trilogy I – III

Star Wars Trilogy I – III serve as a prequel to the prestigious Star Wars original strategy and is a definite much watch for all. The story serves an important addition to the entirety of the saga and is guaranteed to entertain even the ones who are distant from the genre and the series. The trilogy offers an amazing experience as the viewer learns how the infamous Darth Vader came to be and how exactly the empire came to power in this epic adventure pack.

  • 7. Star Wars the Complete Saga

Just to put it out there, if anyone is interested in me a movie, this would be it! Star Wars the complete saga includes all six of the extremely popular and tremendously enjoyable Star Wars movies. What you will be giving with this gift isn’t simply hours of fun and entertainment but also a storyline that will make the viewer explore an entire new world and instantly fall in love with it!

  • 8. Aladdin Diamond Edition

Disney’s Aladdin is one of the classical animated feature films of the 1990s. Filled with mesmerizing animation, amazing performance of names like Linda Larkin and Robbin Williams and a compelling story line, Disney’s Aladdin comfortably makes its way to the list of top 20 best movies to give friends and family. Being called “the funniest feature ever made” from the likes of Chuck Jones, Aladdin offers an exciting take on the classical character making it a perfect movie to enjoy with family on the holiday.

  • 9. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is a classic in the Christmas Comedy genre. Based on the short story by John Hughes in National Lampoon magazine, the story revolves around the Griswold family and how they turned their Christmas into an utter disaster. With amazing performances from the likes of the hilarious Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation serves as a perfect seasonal treat of laughter and joy for the weekend, making it a perfect movie to give to any kind of individual for next Christmas.

  • 10. Jurassic World

The much awaited Jurassic Park sequel came with a bang this year with Chris Prat and Bryce Dallas Howard as the lead roles. The film is simply a marvel of modern cinema and offers jaw-dropping scenes with the best of visual effects out there. Jurassic World makes a compelling addition to the list of movies you can give as a gift as it takes the viewer to a completely new world that we all love and adore in the previous movies.

  • 11. The Polar Express

The Polar Express is easily the most amazing animated feature revolving around a Christmas oriented storyline. The film features big names like Tom Hanksm Chris Coppola and the late Michael Jeter, who have provided live action performances for this amazing animation to be this awesome. The story is based on Chris Van Allsburg’s book of the same name and is a complete package in terms of a Christmas movie with action, suspense, thrill, joy, all packed together in the most appropriate manner to deliver an exceptional Christmas classic. A great choice to give next Christmas to anyone with good taste! No harm in watching it during the year either!

  • 12. Elf

Elf is probably the one of the best Christmas comedy film from the extremely talented Will Ferrell. The plot is hilarious, the acting is simply brilliant, everything about the movie is perfect and will surely make you roll on the floor laughing. The movie is a great treat for all ages and will make for a perfect movie to watch with loved ones next Christmas. Let the viewer enjoy watching Ferrell do what he does best in a story that is just too good to miss out with this amazing gift.

  • 13. It’s a Wonderful Life

This one is a unique addition to the list but is nonetheless one of the most acclaimed films ever made. It’s a Wonderful Life is a 1940’s classic Christmas fantasy film and revolves around the life of a businessman who is frustrated with his life and gets to see a whole new prospective of things when an angel decides to show him what it would have been without him. The movie will serve as an amazing gift for all kinds of viewers as it offers amazing writing and a great message for all.

  • 14. A Christmas Story

Another classical addition to the list, A Christmas Story is an amazingly hilarious Christmas comedy film which is definitely a must see. A Christmas Story has managed to become more of a Christmas tradition then anything as it brings laughter and glee to the heart with its hysterical yet heart-warming content. Nothing speaks “Merry Christmas” more clearly that a copy of A Christmas Story as a gift!

  • 15. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Watching Jim Carey on the big screen has always been a treat. And his role as the famous Doctor Seuss’ character, the Grinch, is no different. Placing itself as the 2nd highest grossing holiday film of all time, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is an absolute pleasure to watch with friends and family alike and provides a unique story line from the prospective of the character who has always hated Christmas. Let your viewers enjoy the brilliant performance of Jim Carey with a great take on the classic Doctor Seuss’s character with this movie.

  • 16. Marvel’s Avengers – Age of Ultron

This one is a bit farfetched from our list but is equally as important and great as the rest of them. Marvel’s Avengers – Age of Ultron is a feast for the eyes with astounding cinematics, huge Hollywood names, tons of hardcore action and an appealing story line. There is just so much to be excited about in this movie that it’s almost overwhelming. Marvel’s Avengers – Age of Ultron will serve as a perfect gift for all the comic book lovers and action film lovers alike.

  • 17. Mad Max: Fury Road

If you have got someone who loves action movies. And I mean LOVES action movies, than Mad Max: Fury Road is more than the perfect gift. The movie literally dives straight into the startling action sequences right from the very beginning and the joy ride doesn’t end till the very end. The story line is also great and the visuals are simply stunning. The movie easily proves to be a dream come true for the action genre lovers and would serve as a perfect gift for this kind of audience.

  • 18. Harry Potter complete 8-Film Collection

The Harry Potter movies are a vital piece of our entertainment history. Based in J.K Rowling’s novels of the same name, the movies follow the life of a young wizard as he learns about the mysterious death of his parents and learns the way of becoming a great wizard. The movies offer an epic journey through this magical world which has succeeded to make so many others fall in love with it. The Harry Potter series offers everything from awesome action sequences to romantic and heartwarming moments. A great gift for all ages.

  • 19. Frozen

The story of Elsa and Anna, as they explore their sisterhood and accept their true selves is one of the greatest movies that Disney. The movie is mainly targeted towards a younger audience but is equally entertaining for adults too, making it a perfect piece to enjoy on a family time like these holidays. The catchy songs in the movies are a key highlight and would make viewers instantly fall in love with the characters and the story line. Frozen hence serves as a great movie choice to give at any time for all kinds of viewers.

  • 20. Cinderella

The latest adaption of Cinderella into a live action film has turned out to be a great success both critically and commercially. Lily James’ adorable portrayal of the character is truly heartwarming and the familiar love story between Cinderella and the prince is still a mesmerizing sight to see. The movie is a great way to spend quality family time and offers a sweet romantic tale of a character that we all have loved for so long. Cinderella can be served as a perfect gift for all ages and is bound to be loved and appreciated by all alike.

All the movies in our list have been filtered out via careful analysis and extensive research to make sure your choice of the perfect gift is made that much easier. The thing that remains on your part now is to make the said choice. Take the time to think about what kind of person he/she is to which you are going to give the movie to and you will be able to make the right decision about what kind of movie or movies to select from the list.

More importantly, enjoy the entire process of choosing the right kind of movie as it is here where the true spirit of caring for one another lies. Know that there is no right or wrong choices when choosing such gifts. It’s the thought that counts and you recipients will sure acknowledge this fact.

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