Top 5 Tips for Stealth Vapers

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Top 5 Tips for Stealth Vapers

No matter how much you practice vaping responsibly sometimes doing so openly will bring you grief. From the curious who dominate your short break with endless questions, to the moaners and crusaders who object to vaping completely and make it known, sometimes life is just easier if you can simply vape without attracting unwanted attention. This is where stealth vaping comes in. There’ll be no more unwanted comments, stares and complaints because when done properly nobody will even have a clue what you are up to. Take a look at these five essential points for successful stealth vaping, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Tip1: Invest for success
Stealth vaping has loads of benefits but it does mean investing both your time and money so you can buy the right equipment, and learn the techniques necessary to pull it off. The outlay doesn’t have to be huge, but unless you already happen to use a device which is suitable it’s best to plan for a modest spend.

Tip 2: Take a little time to buy the right device
Think small. Devices which look like pens or other everyday objects work too, but otherwise check out, (and of possibly actually touch and try out), a cool vape tank which will fit into the palm of your hand or could be inserted into a shirt or jacket sleeve. Choose a low wattage device as they generally make it harder to produce a lot of vapour, and ditch the sub-ohm coils for something with higher resistance.

Tip 3: Choose your e-liquid base with stealth in mind
Be vigilant when choosing your juice, as many e-liquids have a higher proportion of vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol, but you need the opposite to reduce the clouds of dense vapour produced. Choose the flavor of your juice carefully too. Stick with plain if possible, or perhaps minty and lemony aromas. Avoid sweet, cake-like scents as they linger, and are noticeable or risk hungry cookie fiends chasing you down.

Tip 4: Learn and practice stealth vaping techniques
It takes a while to get into a new habit, but to avoid obvious vaping you must master some basic point. There are lots of video tutorials around online to demonstrate various approaches, such as holding your breath for a few seconds after inhaling deeply, then blowing any vapour out through your nose; or inhaling, then swallowing and holding your breath before exhaling through the nose. In both examples, you could exhale into a napkin too. Of course, the device should be hidden from view at all times.

Tip 5: Don’t aim for the same experience
You may think producing clouds off fragrant vapour is a key part of the overall experience, or love the freedom vaping has given you which tobacco never could, and therefore find stealth vaping is a frustratingly poor substitute. Losing your expectations and embracing it as a necessary alternative to regular vaping will help avoid that.

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